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French Marseille Soaps, perfumed soaps, traiting soaps

Real French Marseille soap and perfumed soaps

Real French Marseille soap and perfumed soaps containing vegetable matter, hypoallergenic and biodegradable, they are elaborated in a traditional family enterprise located in the heart of Provence at the edge of Marseille.
Our soaps are enhanced with essential oils and fragrances conceived to Grasse, world capital of perfumery. You will be surprised by the power of their fragrances.

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    Cubic, traditional, handmade French Marseille soap , 72% fat, 100% natural. Rustic aspect. Made by the Marseille soap factory "le Sérail", from vegetable oils of olive, coconut and palm oil, no coloring agents or synthetic additive.

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    Marseille soap flakes to wash all that is delicate. Made in Marseille by the soaps factory "the Serail". 100 % natural.

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    Liquid olive oil French Marseille soap, handmade, cooked in a cauldron, Le Serail perfumed with lavender essential oil. Pump bottle of 500 ml, refillable. Ideal for body hygiene.

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    Stain remover soap made with Marseille soap and sodium bicarbonate to remove stubborn stains on textiles like greasy stains, grass stains, blood stains, fruit stains... With no coloring or preservatives. Without perfume. Made in Marseille by the soap factory "Le Sérail".

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    Liquid black soap made of olive oil and linseed oil and scented with hybrid lavender essential oil. Made by the soap factory "Le Sérail". With its active components 100 % vegetable origin, this soap is ideal for clean, restore, polish, clean, protects all types of floors and surfaces.

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    Made from Marseille soap cooked in cauldrons and scented with lavandin essential oil. 100 g. Le Sérail.

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    Marseille soap flakes to wash all that is delicate. Scented with essential oil of lavandin. Made in Marseille by the soaps factory "the Serail"

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    Solid shampoo with donkey milk suitable for all hair types. Sweet scent. 90 g. Handcrafted product.

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    Donkey milk facial and body cream 100 ml. Enriched with sweet almond oil, shea butter and vitamin E, it is particularly suitable for dry and delicate skin.  A nourishing and penetrating formula. A creamy texture for easy and pleasant application.  Made in France.

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    Superfatted donkey milk soap, over-enriched with shea butter and wheat germ oil. Is particularly suitable for dry, sensitive skin. Produced traditionally with Marseille soap.

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    Real Marseille Soap 100 g refined: the Serail. The same qualities as cubes of the Serail, entirely made in Marseille, cooked in a cauldron, but refined to an aspect of traditional soap.

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    Marseille liquid soap with sodium bicarbonate, special washing machine (3 L, about 45 washes). Perfume "natural sweetness". Soap cooked in cauldron and enriched with sodium bicarbonate for an effective and gentle washing of your laundry. Liquid soap made by the Marseille soap factory Le Sérail.

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