Soap factory: Le Sérail

This is the story of le Sérail soap, the last traditional Marseilles soap firm based in the city of the same name.

Le Sérail, a guarantee of tradition.

Founded in 1949 by Vincent BOETTO, LE SERAIL soap factory has, for almost half a century, continued to traditionally manufacture Marseilles soap according to the very best practices.

Established in a former, isolated farm, LE SERAIL soap factory is now in the heart of an authentic district.

Endless concessions and hours of labour were required for this man, seconded by his wife, to eventually make the small family business a viable one.

Marseilles soap is renowned worldwide for its hygienic qualities. Yet the traditional production of the soap has now practically died out.

In fact, LE SERAIL soap factory is now the last factory in Marseilles.

It produces top-quality soap that is entirely natural.
The bactericidal and hypoallergenic properties are recommended by paediatricians and dermatologists alike.