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French superfatted donkey's milk soap 160 g

Superfatted donkey milk soap, over-enriched with shea butter and wheat germ oil. Is particularly suitable for dry, sensitive skin. Produced traditionally with Marseille soap.

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Donkey milk: donkey milk is rich in vitamins (In, B, C, D, E), in minerals (in particular phosphor and calcium), in carbohydrates, in ceramides, in essential fatty acids and it phospholipides. Used in cutaneous care, it is regenerating, restructuring, soothing, nourishing and re-tautening. It so protects the skin of the relaxation by preserving all its elasticity.

Shea Butter: Rich in vitamins A, D, E, F, it softened the skin and deeply hydrates, recommended to the driest skin.

Wheat germ oil: Rich in omega-6, it is a very important source of vitamin E (known as soothing and especially to prevent aging) and has a good anti-wrinkle action. Also active against loss of elasticity of the skin. Very nourishing and protective, it is beneficial for dehydrated and dry skin.

Made in France with the donkey milk of "Asinière d'Embazac" in Gers.
160 g- produced by "Ane's", Marseille