Rustic Marseille soap le Sérail 300 g

Traditional Marseille Olive soap le Sérail, 72% fat, 100% natural. Rustic. Rectangular for better grip.

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The Marseille cubic soap is primarily a product which the use to clean body daily is established for centuries, especially for hands and face, recommended for oily skin.
He also serves as a household cleaner and laundry. It is used especially for washing babies and people with allergies because it does not contain allergenic ingredients.
Authentic Marseille soap is a natural product made exclusively from palm, olive and coconut oils, free of colorants and free of animal fats. It is guaranteed to contain 72% of oil, a percentage lovingly stamped upon each cube of soap. 

300 g 9cm x 6cm x 5cm
Without colouring agent nor synthesis conservative . 100% natural.